Birth Plans

Some women wish to complete a birth plan prior to going into labour. A birth plan is a way for you to communicate with your midwives and Obstetrician about what you would like or not like to happen during your labour. Often these birth plans are written early in your [...]

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Returning to exercise after pregnancy

Safe exercise will help you to recover after pregnancy. It increases your overall fitness and will help you regain muscle strength, and even feel good too! Here are our tips for returning to exercise after pregnancy: Focus Number One. Pelvic floor exercise During pregnancy both hormones and the weight of [...]

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Will an epidural increase my chances of having a Caesarean?

Many pregnant women are concerned that having an epidural during labour will increase their chances of needing a caesarean. Certainly, there is an unfair association between epidural pain relief and Caesarean delivery.  Women who have long and painful labours are more likely to have a caesarean, and are also more [...]

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